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Green Knight Games.

Cthulhu Podcast

A new magazine style podcast. Readings of H.P. Lovecraft's work and other authors in a similar style. Also any audio presentable content from the 1920's, music, speeches, anything that provides background or "feel" for that decade. Your invited to write a story or article and send it into the show.

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Traveller RPG

A Traveller party to play with

If your going to be playing a one-shot or need some character quick for a game of the Sci Fi classic that is Traveller, then here it is...
Traveller party
Music to Roleplay to

Music to Rolepay to...

I like to have music playing in the background when I'm roleplaying. The music I listen to is usually downloaded from Free and Legal sources. I'm going to start listing the good finds on their own special page.
Free and Legal Roleplaying music


Has your character gone bonkers? Has it started dribbling, foaming at the mouth possibly? If it has and you need to give your character a random phobia, the tool to help you pick that phobia is here in the form of the massively complex, mind bending Pick-a-Phobia-O-Matic!
Random Phobia Picker

Mythos Monster Design

Follow this link to go to the Mythos Monster Desig Kit. Where at the click of a button you can start designing the basics of a new Cthulhu Mythos monster/alien/elder god.
Mythos Monster Design Kit

Cthulhu and The River of Doubt

What have we here? This book is designed for the Role Player with a historic Horror bent, specifically for “Call of Cthulhu” but can be read anyone.

The bulk of the book is made up of the entire text of “Through the Brazilian Wilderness” written by President Theodore Roosevelt. His writing describes a journey taken by himself and acquaintances in 1913, through the steamy jungles of Brazil travelling down the uncharted River of Doubt. This was no pleasure cruise. This journey was an exploring adventure of toil, fear, danger and murder. The jungle that surrounded them for months contained dangerous animals and threatening indigenous people, the water even held man eating fish.

Footnotes appear throughout detailing elements and suggestions for turning this epic journey into a Role Playing campaign. An appendix at the end suggests some character profiles for the main protagonists.

The Roosevelt-Rondon expedition is the perfect historical source for a role playing campaign.
Buy / Preview the book at Lulu.com as PDF or Perfect-Bound Book.


Cat RPG is a simple D6/D20 based role playing game. Players take the part of family cat's who are a lot more than you might think.

As the game says, Cat's spend thier time protecting humans from unseen enemies that constantly surround us. Humans have forgotten the deal that was made many many generations ago, but the Cats haven't forgotton.

The core rules are available for free download in PDF form. The full rules including Scenario 1 are available as a pay-for Print On Demand book or PDF.
The CatRPG web site
NPC Names

NPC Names

Following a couple of requests from people who've used the other generators on this site, I've added a simple NPC Name generator. It simply makes up 10 names every time you click the button.
NPC Names
Whats in my Pocket Generator

Whats in my Pocket Generator

Okay, so here's the deal. Your roleplaying and your character get trapped in a basement. Or locked in a bathroom. Or lost in a cave complex. Anyway the point is, your character is suddenly caught out unprepared. You ask the question. What does my character have about their person to help them through this ordeal? Follow the link to find out! This little generator was designed for a Call of Cthulhu game, so you might find the contents of the pockets slewed in that direction
Whats in my Pocket generator
Background Generator

Character Background Generator

This page contains a little tool that generates some generic background imformation that can be applied to any character. It provides information on family and friends and a personality trait.
Background Generator
Call of Cthulhu Characters

Call of Cthulhu characters

This page contains 100 Call of Cthulhu Characters. Not just their stats but also the names and skills. This list can be used in a number of ways. As PC's or NPC's, or even as a quick reference for names.
Call of Cthulhu 100 Characters

Call of Cthulhu Telegram

"Call of Cthulhu" is a horror themed Detective investigative role playing game produced by Chaosium. The game is well known for "handouts", these being paper clues and articles the players characters come across in the game. As an aid to the Keeper we present a 1920's Telegram maker. Simply follow the link, type in your text, click on the "Update Telegram" button and your telegram is ready to print out for an instant game aid ( this is free! ).
Telegram Hand Out