Book Ranger welcomes you our site. We have a variety of different types of things for you to choose from. The menu down the center of the page provides you with links of all of the main pages.
We have board game, card games, role playing games. We have History and we have Technology . It's all there.
Here at Book Ranger we have a number of delightful pages for you to enjoy on a wide variety of subjects.

Wargaming The Nobel hobby of pitting your wits against another using either metal miniatures or counters
Roleplaying The organised games of "pretend" that we all fool ourselves into thinking is something more.

Many of the items in this section focus on the RPG Call of Cthulhu.
Board Games / Card Games Here I present some games of my own design as well as some other gaming related materials such as the Print and Play podcast.
Historical Books On these pages I present some historical narratives, books now, long out of print brought to you by the miricle of POD technology.
Sony Reader The excellent Sony Reader suffers from not having many PDF books formatted for its screen. Although the Reader can read any PDF it is often only through scrolling and scaling with much fiddeling about.
On this page I present a number of books that have been specifically formatted for use on the Sony Reader.