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Garage Door Buying Guide: Picking the Right Type, Style, and Features

Now that you finally made the decision of investing in one of the top-quality Melbourne roller garage doors, it’s about time you picked the best type of that best suits your needs and home style.

Common Garage Door Styles

1. Classic Wooden Style

If you are looking for a garage door that’s going to give your home a natural and warm feel, go for the classic wooden style. Wooden garage doors are popular for bringing sophisticated and vintage vibes to any home. However, wooden doors come with a number of costs for maintenance. These doors typically are not the most durable and long-lasting compared to the ones made of a sturdier material such as steel or vinyl.

2. Traditional Steel Doors

Tons of Melbourne roller garage doors are made of galvanized steel or aluminum sheets. These doors are highly economical as they are extremely durable. A number of steel doors are dent- and rust-proof which only require occasional maintenance.

3. Carriage Style

Carriage style garage doors are common in the countryside as they are usually installed in a barn. Even if you are not living in the countryside but want to have a rustic vibe in your garage, installing a carriage-style door is the way to go.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary garage doors are becoming popular nowadays due to its simple and neat-looking style. This type of garage doors promotes a minimalistic look which will definitely suit any type of modern home.

A contemporary roller garage door is usually made of glass panels and aluminum. The glass panels allow light to seep through your garage; thus, if you want a carport that will not block the daylight, go for this door style.

Insulation Options

1. Single Sheet

A garage door made up of single-sheets of aluminum or vinyl is ideal for areas where noise and heat are not issues. If you are installing a door only for the purpose of covering your garage, a single-skinned one is one to pick.

2. Double Sheets

Double-skinned garage doors are ideal for locations where noise and sweltering weather condition are prevalent. Due to the double layers of vinyl or aluminum, the insulation capacity of these doors is better than the single-layered ones.


1. Automatic

Tons of Melbourne roller garage doors can be motorized for an enhanced access. Automated garage doors are ideal for high doorways as they can be extremely difficult to manually open and close. If you want top-notch convenience in accessing your garage, go for automatic doors.

2. Manual

Manual doors are still highly popular these days; it is economical and a lot more affordable than the motorized door options. Manual doors are ideal for shorter doorways which are easy to open and close by hand.


The choices for garage doors on the market can be extremely overwhelming; but if you choose the style and features that best fit your garage needs, narrowing the best ones can be easier.

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