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Safety Tips When Using Bouncy Castles for a Party

Inflatable and bouncy castles might seem like designed for innocent fun. However, you will be amazed and alarmed at the rate of injuries that children have suffered from them. And yet, hiring bouncy castles from websites like is an essential for a winning kids’ party, you should not overlook the safety guidelines. Your goal is to make sure the kids have fun while being safe too.

Before you hire a bouncy castle for an upcoming event, you might want to know a few safety tips you could apply. When you hire these castles from or from other reputable websites, you should be briefed about the do’s and don’ts for its setup and use.

In addition to the safety guidelines provided by the bouncy castle hire company, here are additional safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the company you are renting your bouncy castles from comply with the local regulations. All companies are require to submit their bouncy castles for inspection to ensure that it meets regulation standards. When choosing a company to hire the party equipment from, you need to ask for proof of the compliance to these regulations. A reputable company should have no problem providing proof of compliance.
  • Aside from making sure that the bouncy castles are durable and safe to use, there should be experienced and trained personnel to supervise the use of the bouncy castles. They should be responsible for setting the bouncy castle up and monitoring its use.
  • The company must have public liability insurance policy. This insurance policy will serve as your protection when using equipment provided for by the company. With this insurance policy, you can rest assured that whatever happens and whenever injuries are sustained with the use of the bouncy castle that the insurance provider will cover the expenses on your behalf.
  • There are some companies that require you to operate the bouncy castle. If you choose this type of method, make sure that you are provided with a detailed, written instruction on how to set up the bouncy castle safely and efficiently.
  • If the weather condition is bad (such as there is a high gust of wind), do not permit the children to play with the bouncy castle. It could get blown off and the kids could get hurt in the process.
  • Avoid setting the bouncy castle up over a slippery surface. Make sure that the surface it is standing on is firm and solid.
  • Take note of the recommended number of children playing at the bouncy castle at any given time. You should not exceed that number to avoid causing injury to the children while playing.

Ensuring the safety of your guests, especially kids, when you hire a bouncy castle is in imposing proper safety guidelines and procedures with its use. It is also important that an adult be on hand to supervise the kids while they are using the bouncy castle. You can check out websites like to learn about how you can get your party to the next level by renting a bouncy castle and other party equipment!

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6 qualities of outdoor play equipment Australia has for kids these days

Watching kids play outdoors and be their energetic selves is such a delight for parents. Besides, playing outdoors is good for children of all ages. That is why you should find the right manufacturer for your kid’s outdoor play equipment Australia offers these days.

But with the many outdoor play equipment Australia market has today, how will you find the right one for your tots? Below are a few pointers to help you out:

  1. Customisable — Kids love to play pretend, and one way to help them develop creativity is to choose customisable outdoor play equipment in Australia. This will enhance their creativity by allowing them to discover different uses for one product. In this case, you should find a quality cubby house that can also be used as toy storage. Or, a swing and slide set that also function as climbing frames.
  1. Pocket-friendly — Providing your kids with quality Australia outdoor play equipment need not be costly. There’s no need to break the bank just for your kids to have fun outdoors. Choose a company that is known to offer quality outdoor play equipment at a budget-friendly cost.
  1. Easy to assemble — You don’t need to be an expert builder just for your kids to enjoy outdoor play equipment. You can find suppliers that offer easy-to-install outdoor play equipment to keep your kids entertained over the weekend or through the summer. One thing you should find is the instruction manual. The instruction should also be easy to understand.
  1. Able to accommodate kids in different ages — Outdoor play equipment Australia shops offer should not only cater to one specific age group. Instead, find a company that manufactures outdoor play equipment for various age groups. Your kids won’t always stay small, they need outdoor equipment that they can also grow with.

Other kids in your family should be encouraged to play outdoors too. That is why it should be suited for kids of varying ages.

  1. Develop coordination and build strength — Outdoor play equipment in Australia comes in various types, shapes, and sizes. If your kids love to climb, you can find equipment that is as tall as 3 metres. They also have swing and slide sets along with a sandpit. There is room for every kid to play, run, or climb around.
  1. Weather-resistant — Since outdoor equipment is exposed to the elements, it should withstand extreme weather conditions. But through time, they may develop discolouration or fading. It is now up to you if you want to install a canopy over them for added protection.

These are just a few pointers to remember when looking for outdoor play equipment Australia manufacturers offer today. Make sure your kids enjoy their childhood and have the time of their lives outdoors. You will be with them every step of the way, cheering them as they improve and achieve success. If you want to find quality but cheap outdoor play equipment Australia has to offer, visit

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Variety of Schleich Toys Online to Choose From

Are you looking for a way to quench the thirst of your toddler with the best figurines? Well, Schleich toys are your best bet. What’s more, you can easily buy Schleich toys online without having to visit any physical store. Does that sound good? What’s even greater is that you get to pick your most preferred toys from the assortment available online.

Schleich White Tailed Fawn Toy Figure

Get your adorable little one this smaller pervasive deer species that is originally from North America. It gets its unique name from its tail, which is always white on its underside. It is hand painted with extra detail. It is known to be a symbol for some nine USA states as well as two Canadian provinces. Additionally, you can now buy Schleich toys online Australia has on offer.

Schleich Red Fox Toy Figure

This great red fox figure is made of Vinyl plastic of very high quality. What’s more, it is hand painted to perfection with very sharp details. It is easy to use the toy, making it a perfect option for toddlers. Because foxes can jump up to one yard vertically, your child now has the advantage to experience this first hand. Another fact about foxes that tots can experience with this toy is how they have dark paws and wear Auburn coats that end in white at the tail and mouth.

Schleich Giant Turtle Toy Figure

This giant turtle is designed with an unmatched attention to detail and scale that is quite realistic. Moreover, it is hand painted and detailed using the hands; it is also very easy to use. One fun fact that your toddler will learn when you buy Schleich toys such as this is that a tortoise lacks teeth. They will also experience how a turtle carries its shell on the back and can be spotted in brown or green colors. Check Mr Toys Toyworld for more details.

Schleich Horse Wash Area

When you want to buy Schleich toys online, and you are not sure of which one to go for, This Schleich horse wash area is a good option. Hand painted with sharp details; it has dimensions of 7.48*4.33*6.79 inches. It is a must-have toy for any child to add to their already adorable toy collection.

Schleich North America Waterfall Playset

This playset includes a flamingo that has found a sweet spot by the waterfall. As long as the water stays salty and nice, the flamingo isn’t going anywhere. The fish don’t eat up its food. Therefore, it is comfortable and at peace. It also has an advantage over most other birds with its elongated legs, making it possible to wade into the deep waters to find food. It measures 6.5*11.4*9.1 inches, which makes it a perfect choice for those tiny little hands.

Schleich Dinosaur Play Set with Cave

This is among the newest collections of Schleich toys. Dinosaurs love caves because it is the perfect hiding place from their enemies. They can also easily get preys from caves. Give your children a bit of history with this fantastic playset that contains a dinosaur cave, a QuetzalcoatlusDinosaur, carnotaurus dinosaur, Archaeopteryx dinosaur, baby quetzalcoatlus, agave, and T-Rex in the form of eggs.

You have unlimited options when you want to buy Schleich toys online. Make a point and get your little ones the fantastic toys as gifts for their special days or just as presents.