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3 Reasons Why Sectional Garage Door Is Meant For You

The garage area is important to keep your vehicle warm and keep the oil and fluid in a stable condition. Warmer vehicles run better than vehicles staying outside. To achieve the best garage for your vehicle you will also need the best garage door. You are probably reading this because you’re planning to buy or replace your garage door. Well, you’re in the right place! There are many options to choose from but a lot of Melbourne homeowners are shifting their attention to the most popular sectional garage doors Melbourne has to offer these days.

The sectional garage doors have everything you need, from advanced technology, attractive colour, affordable and gorgeous design or even custom made to suit your home requirements. It is an advantage for you to choose such garage doors over the ordinary types.

Here are a few satisfactory reasons why you should shift to sectional garage doors.

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Limited space? No problem! 

Sectional garage doors won’t take a lot of space to open and close compared to other garage doors because it needs to be tilted outwards. This is why sectional garage doors Melbourne suppliers offer became more popular among Melbourne homeowners with limited space driveways.

Prioritise style? No worries! 

Installing sectional garage doors will entirely improve the appearance of your house. This type of garage door also suits any design aesthetic – from minimalist and modern to cosy traditional style. The sectional garage doors Melbourne has to offer is by far the most stylish option available. So if you’re the one who prioritises the design or style then this is perfect for you.

Saving Energy? Easy! 

Most homeowners wanted to maintain the temperature inside their garage because they wanted to use the area for different purposes like turning it into a recreational space, office, gym or studio. But what if you’re on a tight budget and you’re saving energy? Well, easy, sectional garage doors are the best option, just choose the right level of insulation depending on your requirements.

If these reasons don’t align to your needs maybe you should also consider other exceptional Melbourne garage doors that you can find on Eco Garage Doors just visit their website here, https://www.ecogaragedoors.com.au/melbourne/sectional-garage-doors. They offer outstanding, highly engineered ranges of automated and custom made garage doors with advanced technology and design. Check out other options like:


The automatic garage doors offer an easier life than the ordinary and manual garage doors. These kinds of garage doors are controlled by switches or remote control. Amazing technology right? With just a click away and the door opens.


Ranges of custom garage doors are also offered to the Melbourne market nowadays. If you have a limited budget and a certain design that you wanted to achieve for your garage then the possibilities are endless for you now.

There are other five most common garage doors that you can choose from other than sectional. The other options are roll-up, side hinged, tilt canopy, slide to the side and tilt-up retractable. Consult experts like Eco Garage Doors they know what’s the best garage door fits for your home.

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How to Select a Garage Door: Useful Tips

A door is a solution that performs many functions. It performs a safety function, it serves as a decoration, and in some cases, it indicates the wealth of the owner. For example, sectional garage doors not only protect your property but they also indicate the selective taste of the owner.

If you check Eco Garage Doors, you will see that the selection of sectional garage doors is not as big as for other doors kinds. You can select Slimline, Ultraline, Lincoln Panel or Classic Panel design. For each profile, a number of colours are available. 5 years of structural and motors warranty are provided for each door to assure you that you are getting the best quality.

if you are in a business, you need a safe and durable door to provide your property with the maximum safety level. Industrial roller doors are designed especially for such purposes. They look nice, are durable and not too expensive.

You can select between industrial sectional doors and roller shutters. Sectional garage doors are a perfect option for those who need:

  • A door with a custom-made aluminium frame or a 50 x 50 welded frame with horizontal bars
  • Minimum 1 year of structural and motors warranty
  • A door that can handle high numbers of spring cycles
  • A door that is available in a decent number of colours

Industrial roller shutters are an amazing option if you are looking for:

  • Heavy duty bottom line with aluminium profile
  • 3 openers modes
  • Galvanized steel garage doors
  • A door that is available in solid, perforated, and slotted profiles
  • A door that spans up to 8m high and 12m wide

These were solutions for businesses; as for homes, different solutions are offered. Again, your choice of garage door  depends on your preferences and the design of your accommodation or property.

If you live in a colder area, you might want insulated doors. This door is designed to retain heat in your home to keep it warmer and your bills for energy lower. The insulated doors feature finger protection technology, an insulated panel, a steel hinging, and a nylon bush. They are designed by the most revered specialists in the garage door industry to make sure they deliver their main functions excellently: heat retention and safety.

Meanwhile, custom doors are an option for those who like to be different. This option is more expensive than the others; however, you can even design a door yourself. The custom doors can be made from the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Timber
  • Galvapanel

The main purpose of the door, along with safety provision, is to decorate your property and add those details that will make the interior and exterior of your house even better.

A door tells a lot about the proprietor of the house. It shows the proprietor`s wealth, ambitions, taste, and many other things. That’s why you should select your doors with attention to the smallest details. Make sure you like the solutions that you have selected because you will live with them. In addition, make sure the doors complement the house and add to that atmosphere that the house already has. By then, everything will be in harmony and you will enjoy your life.
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Know the Different Skylights and Their Benefits

It is important for homes to be illuminated even during the day. There are areas in your home that will benefit most from natural sunlight. Your corridors, staircases, laundry areas and even your kitchen require ample light. To avoid wasting electricity on these areas during the daytime, you should install skylights. Whether you are planning to use Velux roof windows or vented skylights, using these products offers great advantages to your home.

With affordable Velux roof windows nowadays, it is now easy to brighten up your home. If you can’t get ample sunlight from your windows, you can install a skylight. Just choose the best skylight that works for your home so you can start reaping its benefits.

Below are top benefits you can enjoy from installing Velux roof windows in your home:

  1. Save More on Energy Costs— Installing skylights means you will not need electricity during the day. This conserves electrical power costs. With skylights in strategic places, you decrease your heating or cooling costs. With cost-effective Velux skylights Melbourne market offers, there is no reason you can not delight in these cost savings.
  1. Helps keep you healthy — Sunshine is a natural mood enhancer. With the help of Velux Skylight windows, you can bring the sunlight directly into your home. You will enjoy the natural vitamins activated by sunlight even without leaving your home.
  1. Easy to personalize—The cost of skylights in the market today differs depending upon their functions. With contemporary developments, skylights now have push-button controls to open or close them. A lot of have sensing units that identify rain and instantly closes. They are also waterproof, which guarantees that you can get sunlight without getting soaked when it rains. See more at Skylights-Online

Before the stormy season begins, call a specialist to inspect your skylights. If your skylights require repair work, address right away. If you want to know the common types of skylights in the market, below are a few of them:

  • Flat Roof Skylight — Comparable to a routine window, a Velux flat roof skylight permits light to come in through the roof. A flat glass skylight is really energy-efficient and brings a substantial quantity of sunshine through a flat roof. You can select in between a flat roof handbook venting skylight and flat roof automatic skylight, depending on your choice.
  • Solar Tubes — This is an easier strategy of letting natural light in your house. You get to delight in the natural light in a less expensive method. The setup is much easier compared to skylights. This is ideal for your staircases, passages, walk-in closets, or restrooms. Experts in skylight setup and repair work can advise the perfect area for solar tubes.
  • Customized Skylights — If you intend on utilizing skylights yet worry about disrupting your home’s structure or appeal, you can go with custom-made skylights. Experts can also cater to your requirements for curb appeal. They understand where to position skylights to include more worth to your home.
  • Dome Skylights — This sort of skylight angles as much as the beyond the roof. Others pick this kind of skylight considered that of its special look. When you captivate your visitors, you can establish in a big living-room for included visual appeal. You can likewise install them in your study space to naturally brighten the area throughout the day.

These are the things to keep in mind when picking skylights. The kind of skylight you choose will depend upon your home’s structure. To be on the safer side, request for a professional’s recommendations before setting up skylights by yourself. It would be clever to merely have experts set up skylights on your behalf. Check out  https://www.skylights-online.com.au/product/openable-roof-window/ for more information.

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Garage Door Buying Guide: Picking the Right Type, Style, and Features

Now that you finally made the decision of investing in one of the top-quality Melbourne roller garage doors, it’s about time you picked the best type of that best suits your needs and home style.

Common Garage Door Styles

1. Classic Wooden Style

If you are looking for a garage door that’s going to give your home a natural and warm feel, go for the classic wooden style. Wooden garage doors are popular for bringing sophisticated and vintage vibes to any home. However, wooden doors come with a number of costs for maintenance. These doors typically are not the most durable and long-lasting compared to the ones made of a sturdier material such as steel or vinyl.

2. Traditional Steel Doors

Tons of Melbourne roller garage doors are made of galvanized steel or aluminum sheets. These doors are highly economical as they are extremely durable. A number of steel doors are dent- and rust-proof which only require occasional maintenance.

3. Carriage Style

Carriage style garage doors are common in the countryside as they are usually installed in a barn. Even if you are not living in the countryside but want to have a rustic vibe in your garage, installing a carriage-style door is the way to go.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary garage doors are becoming popular nowadays due to its simple and neat-looking style. This type of garage doors promotes a minimalistic look which will definitely suit any type of modern home.

A contemporary roller garage door is usually made of glass panels and aluminum. The glass panels allow light to seep through your garage; thus, if you want a carport that will not block the daylight, go for this door style.

Insulation Options

1. Single Sheet

A garage door made up of single-sheets of aluminum or vinyl is ideal for areas where noise and heat are not issues. If you are installing a door only for the purpose of covering your garage, a single-skinned one is one to pick.

2. Double Sheets

Double-skinned garage doors are ideal for locations where noise and sweltering weather condition are prevalent. Due to the double layers of vinyl or aluminum, the insulation capacity of these doors is better than the single-layered ones.


1. Automatic

Tons of Melbourne roller garage doors can be motorized for an enhanced access. Automated garage doors are ideal for high doorways as they can be extremely difficult to manually open and close. If you want top-notch convenience in accessing your garage, go for automatic doors.

2. Manual

Manual doors are still highly popular these days; it is economical and a lot more affordable than the motorized door options. Manual doors are ideal for shorter doorways which are easy to open and close by hand.


The choices for garage doors on the market can be extremely overwhelming; but if you choose the style and features that best fit your garage needs, narrowing the best ones can be easier.

If you want to browse a wide selection of vinyl, steel, or timber garage doors, check out https://www.ecogaragedoors.com.au/melbourne/roller-garage-doors and choose from one of the finest-quality doors Melbourne has to offer.