This software has evolved through little projects of my own, and is given away free for personal use. There is no warrenty, guarentee , blah blah.

All of this software requires that you have the Dot Net Framework installed, which ,if you have Windows XP/Vista/7 you are very very likely to have installed already.

The links on this page allow you to download Zipped up files, and all you need to do is download them into a folder, unzip them and then click on the ".exe" file to start them up. There are no manuals so you'll learn how to use them by mucking about with the options you find. Enjoy!


Damaris Blocks

Damaris Blocks is a very simple Puzzle Game, written to amuse my family. You have to try and clear blocks from the screen. You can only clear a block if its made up of two or more squares. When you clear a block, those above drop down. Bigger blocks score more points, single blocks left at the end cost you lives. It's not frantic and there is no time pressure.

Image Splitter

This is a simple little program for manipulating an image. It does just two things. It resizes and image and allows you to cut it up into pieces ( separate image files ).

You specify how you to scale the image either up or down and by how much and specify how big you want you each part of the cut up image to be.