Worms boardgame : Airstrike Worms - The Board Game
"Worms" is a silly board game for 2-4 players. Each player takes control of a small group of heavily armed Worms(!) and blasts the heck out of the opposition.
Free Trader Free Trader
"Free Trader" is a solitaire game with a theme of trading between planets trying to make the first four payments on your recently bought space ship.
Conquer the Galaxy, Boardgame Conquer the Galaxy
"Conquer the Galaxy" is a two player card driven war game, where players compete to take over the galaxy by taking control of territory, the people, the industry or the resources.
Swordfish torpedo plane Sink the Bismarck : The solitaire game
This is a free single player board game. You earn points by defending the battleship Bismarck from the attacking British torpedo bombers.
Dog,races, Boardgame Dog Races
Dog Races is family card game where players complete in a series of Dog Races to score the most points. Or you can play-in-your-browser here.
Call of Cthulhu Boardgame Cthulhu Themed Board Game
This page gives you a complete boardgame/wargame ( hex and counter ). It has the game bits and that rules, just print it and play away for FREE!
solitaire Adventure Game Solo Dungeon Bash
On your own and stuck for something to do? Try this free Hack and Slash Solo Dungeon Crawl. You only need six sided dice pen and paper and of course these free rules. It's simple, it's fun, it's free.

Card Games

The Admiral Graf Spee Battle of the River Plate : The card game
This is a free card game for two players, themed on the Battle of the River Plate that took place during World War II between the german Pocket Battleship "Admiral Graf Spee", and three British Cruisers. One player represents the Kreigsmarine and the other the Royal Navy.
Hamster Combat : A card game for 2-4 players Hamster Combat
"Hamster Combat" is a fun card game for 2- 4 players that plays in 20 to 30 minutes. Dont fret, despite the name no real Hamsters are injured during play!
Mecha Duel : A card game for 2-4 players MECHA DUEL
Mecha Duel is a card game for two to four players where you get to sit in the hotseat of a giant robot Mecha and fight to the death with your fiends, last one standing wins!
Decktet card game Varg Bid
Varg Bid is a free card game based on the free card deck known as "Decktet".
Killer Nobles card game rules Killer Nobles card game rules
A game of killing each players Nobles and stealing their Diamonds, played with a standard deck of cards ( 52 cards + Jokers ). Based on the fantastic Killer Bunnies game concepts.

Dice Games

dice,game,DUNE DUNE express
A free Print and Play dice game where players try to take control of Frank Herbert's most famous planet DUNE! You'll be rolling dice and trying to balance your need for troops against the Spice cost of moving them, and of course looking for the traitor!
dice,game,spy SPY Express
In WWII some breakaway evil Nazi's set up a Bunker and started working on plans for a number of super weapons. In this light Dice game, two players take the part of spys from competeing Allied nations who both want those secrets. A dice game for two players.

Dice Rollers

dice game,dice,d6,shooters The d6 Shooters dice roller
The d6 Shooters ( Ghost Town Showdown ) is a solitaire dice game with a real western theme. The game, designed by Eric Herman is available for free at BoardGameGeek. The link below takes you to a page that gives you an online dice roller for those occasions when the dice arn't around.
M44 dice roller Memoir '44 dice roller
Memoir '44 is a great board game with a WWII theme. It balances the tactics and strategy of a deeper boardgame with the luck and fun of a family boardgame. However the dice supplied with the game tend to wear out, so here is web based alternative.
Doom: The Boardgame dice roller DOOM : The Boardgame dice roller
Doom : The Boardgame is a wonderful board game that brings to your table top the classic computer game by "id" called simply "DOOM". Unfortunately the first edition of the game had some rather poor dice that quickly lost the printing on their sides. This has since been corrected, but if your stuck with the old worn out dice or perhaps have lost a die under the fridge, then we here present an online die roller.

Other Game Stuff

Wargame Scenarios Scenarios
I've put together a page listing the scenarios that I've created for various games. The games include both Memoir '44 and Valor & Victory. The scenarios vary from serious recreations to whimsical fancies.
Stronghold type boardgame Stronghold type game - playtest kit
I am in the early stages of developing a boardgame based on the mechanics in the popular computer game "Stronghold". It's not intended to be "Stronghold : The Boardgame", just inspired by the idea
Cthulhu Matrix game Cthulhu Matrix Game
Got a few friends over and fancy trying a game that's a little differn't? A Matrix game is a story building experience. Players take turns trying to add to the onging story by formulating arguements. Sounds odd? Give it a try, its FREE!
BGG Digest
I've started compiling an occasional board gaming fanzine. The content of the fanzine is entirely lifted from the Board Game Geek website. Its designed for those going on a trip or otherwise without internet connection. Simply download the fanzine and print it out and take your BGG fix with you!
Dog Races Online Online Dog Race
Here is a little dog racing game that plays in your browser, you'll need to make sure that you're Browser has Javascript enabled.